Lovers Invade Nashville

The Lower Ohio Valley Evansville Region (Lover) of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) went in force to the AACA National Southeastern Spring Meet in Nashville TN sponsored by the Middle Tennessee Region AACA.
LOVERs took the trip with over 20 people and 11 show vehicles. The show as held at Two Rivers Mansion. the event was kicked off with a get acquainted reception and tour of Two Rivers Mansion on Thursday night. Friday's events included a swap meet, seminars, judging school and a trip to Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater. Saturday wrapped up the event with the car show more swap meet and the award banquet.

Some Lovers camped out with their cars and some viewed their cars from afar in the Holiday Inn.

Lovers attending the dinner theater enjoyed it, food was "OK " but the show was very enjoyable.

Lover's Vehicles Participating in the Show

Charles Postletheweight's 1915 Packard (Preservation Repeat)

Jay Wolf's 1916 Elgin (HPOF Participation)

George Postletheweight's 1921 Packard ( Third Junior)

Marvin Smith's 1930 Nash (HPOF Certification)

Jerry Smith's 1932 Auburn (Preservation Repeat)

John Smith's 1935 Ford (Preservation)

Bill Henson's 1958 Pontiac (Preservation)

Bill Henson's 1968 Cadillac (First Junior)

Jarrell Hirsch's 1970 Camaro (First Junior)

John Smith's 1969 BSA (First Senior)

John Smith's 1969 Silver Pigeon (First Senior)



All Lover members received the awards they were seeking.

Food was great and the dinner was enjoyed by all. Especially the chocolate pie.

Everyone is looking forward to next year at Taladega AL.


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