Please understand this is a report, just for my friends, it was typed on the rode on my sub notebook, I spend most of my time riding not reporting, It has never be or will be corrected.It is a rough, quick report. If you are one of those who like to spend their time nitpicking and finding errors, go else where to someone who cares and get a life.

Laughlin River Run Day one

Quick over view
Rode just shy of 4000 miles, Seen more of Route 66 that anyone in his or her right mind would want to. 10 states. 4 time zones, $.90 per gal. gas price variation 119.9 to $209.9 , Over 14,000 feet elevation difference. Seen rain, seen snow, Rode in below freezing to 109 degrees, From super slabs to muddy dirt roads. Climbed Pikes Peek, Rode up Sandia Crest, Had to brake for Burrows, Spend a day at the Laughlin River Run. No bike troubles, Worst thing on the trip 50 mph cross winds in Eastern Colorado
Great Views up Pikes Peek. Scariest moment being attacked by a tumble weed at 85 mph, Best town Oatman AZ.

And all in 6 days

Beemer mileage
Start of trip 66767
End of first day 67518 miles ridden 751
End of 2nd day 68232 miles ridden 714
End of 3rd day 68713 miles ridden 481
End of 4th day 69347 miles ridden 634
End of 5th day 70088 miles ridden 741
End of 6 th day 70708 miles ridden 620

total miles ridden in 6 days 3941 miles

Day One

Joe and Jay left Vincennes from Tobacco Road (Old Fast Jacks) at 8:00 am
Met up with Larry at Motel 6 just outside of St Louis at 10:45 am Constant rain at times heavy

Meeting up with larry in IL
Planned on Interstate till Springfield since it was raining so hard we stayed in interstate till Joplin,
A bridge was out on 66 so we had to go down to 166 and ride in to Kansas. As soon as we were in Kansas it finally quit raining.

We stopped at little place got gas and finally took off our rain suits. We stayed on Route 66 (69) the rest of the day.

Rock Cafe

Neet sign in KS

We stopped at 2 different route 66 diners neither one was open we finally ate at Sonic. Then headed to OK

This is what you get for $13
Ended the day in El Reno Oklahoma in the Route 66 budget motel $13 each, nice clean little place.
751 miles the first day

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