Jay Wolf's R1100RTL

My R1100RTL on it first ride 1500 mile to PA.
This was before I bought it was on loan at the time.
Quick trip 300 mile get gas, 310 miles get gas arrive at Hershey Pa.
740 mile in just under 10 hour total time.
Windshield has Stealth Edging on it in the picture.
The bike is a 1996 R1100RTL it came stock with radio with remote, heated grips, top box and side bag lids painted to match bike.

Important option to protect your right to ride.

Click here for the story of how I ended up with the R1100RTL

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so I put each modification and a separate page here are the links.

Installing GS intake tubes
Synchronizing Injectors using TwinMax
AreoFlow windsield
Trunk(Top Box) Top Rack
Lining Side bags and top box
Radar detector shelf
Electronic gear in place (CB, GPS Radar Detector)
Garmin Emap GPS
MV Lowering kit for the Foot Rests
Highway/Peg-Floorboard to stretch your legs
Enlarged the side stand foot
Moto Techniques Cam Cap Covers & Oil Filler

JC Whitney Helmet lock & LED License plate frame
Guardian 911-100P Pager Alarm
Handlebar Risers (Bar Backs)
Synchronizing without removing plastic modification
Front running light and headlight modulator
Fender Extensions front and rear
Corbin Seat and 2 back rests
SS Fairing mount screws
Two Brothers Racing Exhaust Pipe and muffler
Schneiders Inc. Flip Lever
Drink Holder (2 types)
Talkabout (250), CB radio (Midland 75-820) Holder (2 types)
Digital camera
Aluminum cap for head bolt (homemade)

Reynolds Trailer Hitch.

With the Corbin, the Areoflow, the barbacks, the highway pegs and the MV lowering kit.
I can easily do 1000 mile days.

Send Questions to Jwolf@indian.vinu.edu


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