This is a quick report of my recent motorcycle ride to New England.
I am not a typist, and I would rather spend time riding and not correcting,
so if you came to this page to grade it and check spelling and missed words,
I have to suggestions for you First, leave the page and Second Get a life.

Thursday 6/11/ 99

Worked most of the day, got my grass cut then Joe Todd and I left Vincennes at about 4:00 PM We got to
Dave’s Monnier’s house in
Indianapolis at about 6:15 PM 124 miles.
Larry Ludwig met us at Dave house.
We went out to eat then went back to Dave’s house and planned our route for the morning.
We managed to get all the bikes in Dave’s garage.

Friday 6/12/99

We got up about 5:00 AM and hit the road at 6:oo AM.
We road about 120 miles on I-70 to
Dayton Ohio and stopped for gas and breakfast.
Back on the slab for some more tuck and roll. I-70 to I-270 to I-71 to I-270 to I-90
Had lunch in NY. On 90 we were cruising at about 80 BMW MPH, when a new Dodge Viper RT10 coupe
 passed us. I figured that car Bright Blue with big white stripes, had a target painted on the door so we
picked- up the pace and followed the Viper for
about 150 miles and made real good time Took I-90 all the way to Rome NY where we got off the slab
and got on to 365. We road a ways up 365 and stopped for gas. And looking for a place to eat,
The guy in the gas station told us we should go over to 28, more places
To stay and eat. We ended up riding up to Old Forge NY and staying in the Sunset Inn.
It was just getting dark we had traveled 760 miles since leaving Indy.
We checked in and went to eat next door at the Knotty Pine.
Then back to the motel and in to the Hot tub till they kicked us out at 11:00
Back in the room and looking over “Reader’s Digest” “Most Scenic Drives in America”
I notice that the “Adirondack Adventure” was for the most part the road we were on.
Firing up the computer and GPS It told me we were only 190 miles for the motel at
North Conway, We decide to follow the most part of 3 of thee most scenic routes and
make the trip just over 300 miles

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