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A Registry trying to track down and keep track
of cars made by the Elgin Motorcar Company

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Below are All (10) Elgins,

Made by the

Elgin Motor Car Company,

That are known to still exist

1916 Elgin Six Touring Car


New owner
Donald Wilson Sr.

10 Gettysburg
Coatesville, Indiana  46121.

 All Pictures at least 6 years old, new ones coming

The car is late 1916 production in mostly original condition.

It runs well this Elgin has AACA HPOF certification (Hershey 1997)

More shots of thiss Car

1917 Elgin

It is operational
but needs TLC

Ed Meadows
Thousand Oaks, California

If you are Ed or know Ed Please contact me.










1917 Elgin
Jason R. McNabb
P.O. Box 130
Shaunavon, SK     S0N2M0

The car was a basket case found in Kallispell MT and restored originally in the 1980's. 

The car is complete with all the correct components. 

1918 Elgin Six Touring Car


Owned by Gerard O'Farrel, Brimstone, Church Lane, Wistbury on the Seven, Glos GL14 IND UK

EMAIL: gerard@showofhands.co.uk

The car is out of Canada now in the U.K., it is in need of a complete restoration. Gerard plans a complete restoration and has started on it

1919 Elgin Six Scout Car


Owned by Richard Supinger , RR 4 box 106 Granite City MO (816) 564 2427

EMAIL: none known

This Elgin is in a junk yard owned by Richard Springer. It is in really bad shape usable for mechanical parts only, Car has been stored out in a yard Motor is fairly compete except for carburetor and Generator. The car is for sale asking price is $2500.

1919 Elgin Six Scout Car


Owned by David Villa 1666 E. Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91106 Phone 626-792-7753

EMAIL: rp4dv@earthlink.net

The car was a former movie car and is running, but has been kept that way with late model parts, including a Toyota rearend and hydraulic brakes. Current owner is in search of the correct parts to put it back together correctly. He need complete rear end including differential with brakes and rods

He needs complete rear end including differential with brakes and rods
If you can help please contact him.

1919? Elgin Touring Car


Owned by Tim Kleptz 4264 North County Line RD. Ingelwood, OH 45322Phone (937) 836 0707

EMAIL: none known http://www.purityfoods.com/

Car is a basket case missing several parts Tim's plans are to turn it in to a speedster and run the 1999 Great American Race.

1920 Elgin Sport Touring Car


Owned by Don Tredup 230 E State Street, S. Elgin IL60177


The car has disk(original) wheels in stead of wood car is restored to a runable condition

Chuck is considering selling the car if you are interested contact him.

CHUCK TREDUP 847-695-6300



1921 Elgin Six Touring Car


Owned by Museum of Yesteryear, Mudo SD.

EMAIL: none known

The car is in rough but complete condition. Car has an old bad paint job and hasn't been run in several years . It is in the condition is was in when it quit running.

1921 Elgin Six
Jeff Taylor recently acquired a 1921 Elgin in very nice condition for its age.
He is interested is selling the car, he is from Lehigh Acres, FL.
His Email address is
I have heard of a 1926 Coupe.
Trying to get information on it. I will post a picture as soon as I get one.
Elgin Story

My name is Jim Saward, now living in Victoria, Australia. We moved from a country village to a town called Wynyard in Tasmania in 1939 when I was seven. In an old car garage at the house over the road was an old car. Old but in good , nearly new condition. It had done next to no miles, but in the intervening years those details have gone. Over the next few years us kids from both families used to play in the 'old car in Mr Trethewie's garage. In time he needed a trailer for his business so, of course, the old Elgin suffered the wreckers axe etc. The body was dumped up the road a bit in a hollow beside the road and the engine was chucked in a hole on the property. By this stage I was getting interested in cars and motorbikes and asked if I could have the Elgin's engine. I used to pull it down and build it up again on a regular basis. (I would have been about eleven or twelve by that


The original owner was a member of the Tasmanian State Patiament when he bought the car new. The story has it that as he learned to drive in the Elgin he smashed into the end of the shed, and never drove it again. Some years when he sold the property, the car was left in the shed. The rest is history. I have been involved with vintage and veteran cars and 'bikes all my life and have not been able to find anyone beside myself who has ever seen an Elgin car. I hope that this is of some interest to Elgin people in the US. I have only recently got into this internet and email hobby and I hope this gets to you. All the best from Jim Saward in Australia.



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